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9 Tips for Better Online Job Hunting

9 Tips for Better Online Job Hunting

9 Tips for Better Online Job Hunting

Job hunt - a "task" that influence your future and life goes without saying that the Internet has drastically changed the way people today hunt for jobs. It's probably been a few years since you've submitted a resume via mail or fax. But even most professionals turn to the Internet for help locating a new position, not all understand the finer points of a Web-based job search.

Following are some tips to keep in mind the next time you look online.

Number 1

Top Job sites

It's prudent to start your job search by visiting top job sites such as because of the sheer number of listings offered. In addition, employers of all scales and industries are apt to list their job openings on sites with strong brand recognition. If you're at a crossroads in your career or willing to relocate, the big boards offer the widest view of what jobs are currently available.

Number 2

Submit your online resume or ready-made resume

Resume and cover letter are the marketing tools to sell yourself to the employers. Employers will judge you based on your resume. You must ensure that the submitted resume is great and containing the essential details. You may spend some time to fill in your online resume step-by-step. Or, to save your time, you may make use of the resume upload function to upload your ready-made resume to the recruitment site if you have it on hand. The advantages of a full online resume over a ready-made resume is that it guides you through developing a good resume without missing out the important details that all employers would like to know about the candidates. But be mindful of your spelling and grammar when typing information directly onto online forms.

Number 3

Essential of Resume Update regularly

Always get your resume prepared with updated information to tackle every opportunity when great openings present. In order to maximize the opportunity of getting hired, you should regularly update your resume with relevant accomplishments, new job duties, recently achieved certifications, and other similar achievements.

Number 4

Get jobs come to you, Job Alert Subscription

In addition to search the large boards, you may get the jobs come to you by subscribing to service offered by recruitment site - Job Alert! The service allows the job seeker to specialize your preferred job function and suit to your field. Besides, it always keeps you up-to-date on opening or position offered by employers. All you need to do is check your email daily to get the job alert, you may apply directly when suitable job found. Subscribe now to Job Alert!

Number 5

Appropriately utilise quick apply

Most job sites enable users to apply for a position with a simple click of the mouse. But don't blindly apply. Recruitment managers seek tailored resumes that directly tie a job seeker's unique skills and abilities to the requirements of the position. Take the extra time and effort to customize your application materials to each specific opportunity.

Number 6

Be an expert in job hunting

Make yourself full with knowledge of job hunting especially for newcomers to the job market. Guides to write great resume and cover letter, negotiating your salary, tips of attending interview, asking the right question in the interview and so on are the precious intellectual treasures for your career hunting. You may subscribe to e-Newsletter where you can receive lots of useful tips on job hunting. Sometimes, you may find some special messages or special recruitment messages from the employers. So, don't miss them, it is vital! They may change your life. Let's subscribe to e-Newsletter now.

Number 7

Let the resume be searchable

Always keep your resume "open" for searching! A searchable resume will open the door to be head hunted by the potential employers. You don't know when the employers will knock on your door unexpectedly to offer you a job opportunity. Probably you will receive some resume request from employers which are unexpected or you may not be interested on the positions offered. But you can still send a resume and cover letter to the company to widen the opportunity, as anything can happen in future.

Number 8

Scanning oldies for goodies

It is a big mistake to limit your search to positions posted in the last few days. Some positions posted one month ago might still available; especially hard-to-find skills are required. It will be advantageous to focus on oldies opening while most job seekers focusing on recent postings, you may be competing with fewer candidates.

Number 9

Follow up

When job hunting is done online, it's critical that you follow up with prospective employers after applying for a position. If you've submitted your application and haven't heard back from the company, make a call or send an e-mail to verify that the resume was received and to reassert your interest in the position. But it should be done within two weeks of submitting application materials.

An online job hunt shouldn't be the only strategy you use to find a new position while the Internet has revolutionized the way job seekers connect with prospective employers. The best searches combine various approaches, including exploring the services offered by recruiting and staffing firms, touching base with members of your professional network, and participating in industry events where you can hobnob with hiring managers.

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