Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Labour Law

Labour Law

Labour law defines your rights and obligations as workers, union members and employers in the workplace. Generally, labour law covers:

* Industrial relations – certification of unions, labour-management relations, collective bargaining and unfair labour practices
* Workplace health and safety
* Employment standards, including general holidays, annual vacations, working hours, unjust dismissals, minimum wage, layoff procedures and severance pay

If you are a federally regulated employer or if you work for a federally regulated employer such as a bank, telecommunications company or interprovincial transportation company, the Canada Labour Code is the labour law that applies to you. Visit these pages to find out more.
Industrial Relations

* Industrial Relations Legislation in Canada
* Canada Labour Code, Part I

Workplace Health and Safety

* Occupational Health and Safety (Reports on Canadian Laws)
* Canada Labour Code, Part II
* Acts, Exclusions and Regulations
* Regulations Amending the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Employment Standards

* Employment Standards Legislation in Canada
* Canada Labour Code, Part III and Regulations
* Whistleblower Protection

Additional Information

* Developments in Labour Legislation in Canada
* Employment Equity Legislation and Agreements
* Canadian Association of Administrators of Labour Legislation (CAALL)

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